Breast Study price list

Duration Price
Initial breast screening [including 90 day follow-up] 20/30 minutes £240
Annual follow-up 20/30 minutes £135
Interim breast screening [occasionally required if the interpretation is inconclusive] 20/30 minutes £100


Regions of Interest – (ROI’s)  price list

Duration Price
One ROI [region of interest ie: Shoulder] 15/20 minutes £160
Half body and breast, including 90 day breast follow-up. [2 ROIs plus Breast = 3 ROIs] 50 minutes £320Full body (without breast study) 50 minutes £320
Half body. Most detailed and cost effective option for those booking in for their annual breast study. Study can include your abdominal region, which could highlight digestive disorders and head and neck area which could show carotid artery inflammation, an early warning sign of increased risk of stroke. 40 minutes £270
Full body and breast study: The most detailed and cost effective option, includes the 90 day follow-up breast study appointment 60/90 minutes £375
Full body (without breast study) 60/75 minutes £325One ROI [region of interest ie: Shoulder]One ROI [region of interest ie: Shoulder] 60/75minutes £325